Locations & Hours

This site includes all of the tools necessary for you to work with us from your office or home, but if you prefer to visit us in person, we’d love to see you. Our address and contact information are located at the bottom of every page of this website.

Location #1

Facebook: firespringmarketing

Twitter: firespring

1201 Infinity Ct.

Lincoln, NE 68512

Phone 402.437.0100

Fax 402.437.0101

E-mail info@abc123printing.com

Monday - Friday 6 am - 8 pm

The Plant

1111 Innovation
Plant City

Phone 402.437.0100

E-mail theplant@abc123.com

Open 24 hours. Really. Every day of the year. Even on Christmas.


1234 Apple Lane
Lincoln, NE 68508

Phone: 402.555.2356

E-mail: warehouse@demo.com

Monday - Friday open 8 am to 5 pm


2424 Zach lane
Lincoln, NE 68502

Phone 402-422-4242

Fax 402-422-4243

Contact Morava@fire.com

Mon-Fri 8-5:00
Sat- 9-12:00
Sun- Closed